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Web to SMS Solutions

Web SMS ImageLWR Online are pleased to offer a service which we have yet to see any other low cost web hosting provider offer its clients.

With sites that we host, including our CMS system, we can offer a 'Web to SMS' service. This service, simply put, converts messages that have been sent via your contact form on your website into a text message, which is then delivered to a mobile phone of your choosing.

As the system does this automatically there is litterally just seconds between your visitor pressing the send button and you being notified via text.

The system can also be customised so that you only get notified via text if certain conditions are met. An example of this may be that you may choose only to be notified by text for contact messages that have been selected as for 'sales' or 'support' etc.

Main benefits include:

  • Choose what type of messages you are informed about
  • Instant dispach of text messages
  • Pre-paid credit system, so no unwanted bills
  • Have messages sent to more than one mobile
  • Online access to all sent messages via your control panel