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Spam Filtering

Spam ImageOur SPAM Filtering platforms have been engineered with time, accuracy and simplicity as the key critical elements.

From the moment we enable spam filtering on your account, you can expect upwards of 98% of junk mail eradicated from your Inbox.

Unlike some hosting companies who make you pay on a 'per mailbox basis', our filter will not only scan and filter the email destined for all your mailboxes, but for all the domains mapped to that account (eg your .com, and .net domains).

Below are just some of the immediate benefits:

  • Choose the level of sensitivity
  • Add trusted sender to a 'white list'
  • Setup blacklists (eg block any address or @domain of your choosing)
  • Choose what happens to the spam (delete, quarentine or mark as spam)
  • Report to show why any email is considered spam (if applicable)
  • View statistics on the amount of spam the filter has detected


We can enable Spam filtering on your existing account with us for just £35pa

Not convinced?
Let us offer you a 7 day free trial so that you can see for yourself just how effective it is before you decide!