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Personal Email Addresses

Email ImageWe are pleased to be able to offer our email facilities to private customers, not just business customers. This means that even as a private individual you can have your very own customised personal email address!

Although most broadband companies will give you an email address, it is likely to be something like:


The email address given by your provider may be free, but lets be honest it is hardly memorable nor is it likely to be easy to give to family and friends. Another major downfall that people find is that if you change to another company for your broadband, you will loose the email address they originally gave you.

With a personal email address from LWR Online however, these factors are not an issue at all. We will provide you with an email address of your choosing that you can use regardless of which internet provider you utilise.

How about something like:


Simply tell us what you would like and let us see if is available for you to use.

You can have as many addresses as you like at your chosen alias, allowing you to have one for each member of your family. So you could have ,,, - all for the one price!

Our personal email addresses cost only £27.50 for 2 years. Contact us on 0121 241 6950 for details.