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Content Management System (CMS)

CMS ImageOur content management system (CMS) is a cost effective way for you to have your own multiple page website within just 7 – 10 days - from just £199

Let LWR Online create your new website, add in all of your supplied contentSupplied ContentBy supplied content we mean that we will compile your website using content that you have given to us for this purpose. The costs of producing a website for you does not include us writing or researching content for you, hence why we refer to you supplying content. If you need LWR Online to source content or images for you then we can do this, however we may need to provide you with an additional price for this work. Please ask us for details and we will be pleased to advise. for you and, if you require, give you the ability to edit the site yourself at anytime. This is an ideal package to consider if you have a restricted budget or even if you simply wish to keep your website regularly updated without the need to request us to do it for you.

Already have a website?
Let us convert your existing siteConvert Your Existing SiteIn most cases we are able to graft your existing website design into our CMS system. In doing this your new CMS site will retain the general look and feel that you already have. This may not possible with all designs, however if you let us have the address of your existing website then we can advise if this is possible to be compatible with our CMS and you can benefit from being able to update the site yourself whilst retaining the appearance that you and your clients have become accustomed to.

The CMS system is easy to use and no website editing experience is required.


CMS Packages

  Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
Number of Pages InludedNumber of PagesThis is how many pages that you can have using the CMS system. You can add as many pages up to allowance on the package. 5 10 20 30
Initial Setup FeeInitial Setup FeeThis is a 'one off ' charge to setup your new CMS site. £199 £249 £329 £379
CSS DesignCSS DesignYour new CMS site will be designed using CSS to ensure speed of loading and increased usability. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free / / Domain NameFree or Domain NameOur CMS package includes a or domain name of your choosing, at no extra cost! We can either register a new one for you, or transfer your existing domain. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hosted by LWR OnlineHosted by LWR OnlineWe will host your CMS package on our UK based fast servers. Please note that the CMS system cannot be transferred to another provider as it is software that is installed and fully operates on our servers. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Editable ContentEditable ContentOne of the main benefits of the CMS is the ability for you to login to the system at anytime and change the content. You can update the content of your editable pages at anytime and without extra charge. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built in Contact / Enquiry FormContact FormThe CMS system benefits from a built in contact form so that people can contact you via your website. The contents of the contact form are sent to an email address of your choosing. The contents of the message are also stored within the sites admin area for you to access at leisure. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built in Google Location MapGoogle Location MapWe can include details of your location on your contact page, utilising Google's sophisticated and interactive mapping system. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Submission to GoogleGoogle SubmissionAs soon as your site is ready, we will submit your new website to Google search engine for free! Yes Yes Yes Yes
FTP AccessFTP AccessWe do not enable FTP on websites thay use our CMS system. This is to prevent damaging the software that makes the CMS function and to ensure the integrity of the system is maintained. No No No No
Annual Hosting FeeHosting FeeEach year you have to pay hosting for the CMS. This is equal to the cost of the advanced package, and you benefit from all the features of the advanced package, without FTP access. £90 £90 £90 £90